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Digital ordering and
customer care powered by Conversational AI 

Allow your guests to place orders or engage with you over Whatsapp or any other messenger. Your customer can talk or type in their own words, connecting with you in the channel they spend more time.

Increase sales. By being available anytime, anywhere.

Scale. With a solution that handles seasonalities.

Engage. With the ability to speak naturally.

Client’s satisfaction with fast and accurate ordering

Offer a superior frictionless user experience, providing accurate answers to customers needs at any time of the day. From order management and customer care, our solution maximize operational efficiencies by allowing you to:

Take order

Reduce Waiting Time.


Collect data




Your guests decide when and how to engage with your brand. Be ready for your customer 24/7, on the channel of their choice.


agree that technology improves their restaurant efficiency.


of diners agrees that technology improves their experience



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As Retail Reopens, Voice Tech Takes Center Stage

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